What is osteoarthritis?

Best Osteoarthritis Treatment In India

Osteoarthritis in simple terms is wear & tear of articular cartilage. Articular cartilage covers the bone ends which forms joints. Articular cartilage is made up of Type II cartilage. This cartilage gets worn out with traumatic injury, repeated strenuous activities, conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, gout (Inflammatory arthropathy), nutritional deficiencies, congenital abnormality, some metabolic conditions. Once articular cartilage is damaged, it has limited healing potential. And after healing, hyaline cartilage is changed to fibrocartilage.  Fibrocartilage does not match in quality with hyaline cartilage but at least covers the bone ends which results in less pain. If cartilage is damaged significantly (Type IV Osteoarthritis), subchondral bone gets exposed which results in severe pain. best osteoarthritis treatment in india

These arthritic changes don’t set in a day, it takes years to set up and result into advanced changes. Best Osteoarthritis Treatment In India

Once cartilage is damaged, one may have constant pain, swelling, deformity, difficulty with movements. These findings are more significantly seen in weight bearing joints like knees, ankle, hip. best osteoarthritis treatment in india

Osteoarthritis is broadly categorised in four stages. First two stages are mainly managed conservatively; in few scenarios surgical management is required. Third & Fourth stage is advanced which needs surgical management.

To avoid advancement of arthritis from early stage to advanced, early detection, proper treatment, lifestyle modification and treatment of root cause if any, is advised. best osteoarthritis treatment in india

Detection of early stage can be done with clinical examination, X-rays, MRI (if required) & lab investigations.

Surgical management in the form of total knee replacement (TKR) is required in advanced stages. This improves mobility, corrects alignment of the lower limbs, resolves pain and overall improves lifestyle of patient.

One should consult orthopedic surgeon earliest when he/she has knee pain or any symptom mentioned above. Best Osteoarthritis Treatment In India

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