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About Us

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Orthopaedic near me

Rajmangal Orthopedic and Gynaec Clinic has been established at Baner on 12 th October 2019, with philosophy of ethical practice with patient centered approach. We strive to deliver world class services to our patients at affordable cost. We also ensure that utmost care of our patients is taken, making patients more comfortable. We believe in patient centric approach with trying to give complete insight to the patients about the condition they are suffering with.It helps in patient’s overall outcome of treatment. orthopaedic near me

orthopaedic near me

Dr.Anand Surana is highly skilled joint replacement surgeon. He is specialised in Robotic joint replacement surgery. He is dedicated to deliver his skills to every patient, every time with personal attention. orthopaedic near me

Dr.Smita Surana is highly skilled gynaec laparoscopy  surgeon. She is an experienced Obstetrician who is always ready to help patients throughout their antenatal & postnatal period. She has expertise in advanced laparoscopy procedures in gynaecology.

We also understand our social responsibility and help under privileged population by providing free services, awareness campaigns, educational lectures. orthopaedic near me

Team Rajmangal is always ready to serve our patients better than before, relieving them from pain and making them comfortable. orthopaedic near me

Meet Our Doctors

orthopaedic near me

Meet Our Doctors

orthopaedic near me

Obstetrician gynaecologist is a doctor who has expertise in treating pregnancy and delivering babies and also in diseases related to female reproductive system. These doctors are trained to perform wide range of gynaecological procedures, including removing cyst and fibroids, removing uterus, caesarean section etc.

Ideally , girls should schedule their first visit to a gynaecologist between 13-15yrs of age.

Visit your gynaecologist annually for checkup and when there are issues like irregular periods, heavy periods, abdominal pain, fibroid, vaginal and urinary infections, pregnancy issues.

They can also guide you regarding birth control methods.

Try to be at ease and feel comfortable.
Prepare questions you would like to ask.
Gather medical information about your family.
Carry all your medical records.
 Don’t  hesitate to discuss your personal information.

In normal pregnancy, you are expected to come in for checkup on following days:
First visit should be planned when your periods are missed. After that for:
First 28 weeks : once  a month
28-36wks: once in 15days
36 wks onwards: once a week
If your pregnancy is high risk or complicated, your doctor may want to see you more often depending on your condition.

Doctors of Rajmangal clinic are  highly skilled, trusted and provide personalized care. Patients feel comfortable and confident under their care. Entire team is dedicated to patient care ensuring quick recovery.

You should consult orthopedic doctor if you have pain or stiffness in your joints, muscles, bones.

It is important to consult if you have sustained an injury or you have chronic condition that is getting worse or when you have difficulty with everyday task like walking, standing, sitting.

No, not all patients require surgery. They can be managed conservatively with medications and physiotherapy. If it doesn’t work then the patient needs surgery.

If you have sustained acute  injury then you should give rest to the injured area. Apply ice. Give support and compression to the injured part and keep the limb elevated.
And consult orthopedic doctor.

Osteoarthritis is nothing but degeneration of joint, and to be more precise, it is degeneration of cartilage. It results in pain, decreased mobility and deformity of the joint. In early stages, lifestyle modification & conservative treatment helps to relieve symptoms. In advanced cases, surgical treatment is required.

One can avail all the OPD services at Rajmangal Orthopaedic & Gynaec Clinic which include Consultation, Digital X-ray, NST, Pathology lab, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy.
Apart from that Minor surgical procedures are performed here regularly.